viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

What time do you get up?
 I get up at 5:00 o clok 

 what do you eat for breakfeast?
I  eat  cereal for breakfast

What do you do after school?
i go to my hause after school

what do  you do on weekend?
I go to my grandina's house and  i go shopping with my friend kirenia.

 what time do you go to the bed?
I go to the bed at 7:00 o cloc'k.

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Equals 3 with Ray William Johnson

This Youtube channel got my atention cause of the  growing number of visitors it get over a week. 
so i decided to finally  click it. when i  first saw the videos this guy posted i loled for hours it´s so funny or funeeh as he´d say.  in this video yo can see the "zoooomygoodneess kitteh" as Ray name it!  i hope you enjoy it as i did!

                                   xoxo Gaby ;)

A rose poem

it's hard to put in words the beauty of a rose
red dashes of passion, soft skinned finished
it opens when the sun whispers love-lighted words in the morning
it gives herself to show somebody else´s love.
a rose dies eventually but, the meaning of it, remains forever.
a rose and a woman, a woman and a rose, makes no difference.